Ram access memory (Ram) is that specific area inside a computer unit in which all program and data must reside before the execution of program or manipulation of data it is read and write memory enables data to be both read and written on to memory
RAM is electronic circuity with no moving parts. Electrically charged points in the RAM chips represent the bits (1’s and 0’s) that comprise the data and other information stored in RAM .With no mechanical movement, Data can be accessed from RAM at electronic speed or close to the speed of light. The most common technologies are dynamic RAM (DRAM) and static RAM (SRAM). DRAM is used in more computers than SRAM. However SRAM is faster than DRAM because it does not have to be refreshed hundreds of times a second like DRAM. It is also much more expensive and requires more space and power than DRAM. These technologies continue to evolve Enhanced data output (EDO) DRAM, which is up to 50 percent faster than conventional DRAM is being installed on most new pcs.


                               There are three types of RAM 
1 : DDR 1 RAM
2 : DDR 2 RAM
3 : DDR 3 RAM
1 : DDR 1 RAM : 
                             The DDR 1 RAM is price is RS 250 of 512 KBS . Its RAM black point large size 

The DDR 2 RAM is price RS 200 of 512 KBS . Its RAM black points small size
The DDR 3 RAM is price RS 200 of 512 kbs .Its RAM black points small size 

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